Our first year as the Carters flew by! I can’t believe we are going on month 11! Does every year seem this fast? Engaged life is so much different than dating life, and married life is so much different than engaged life! Our marriage is far from perfect, but we try to push each other to look more like Jesus every day. ⁣

You are probably thinking, “only one year?” or “what’s the big deal?” I want to celebrate every year like it’s our 50th. That’s how we’re going to get there! Here are the best lessons that I’ve learned this year.

Celebrate the little things.
A business win, a marriage milestone, or a good day – celebrate it all! That’s what makes the normal day to day fun. The days are long, but the weeks are so fast. We love finding any reason to celebrate. We personally like to play a game of Pop Darts, watch our favorite show, or bake cinnamon rolls.

If you want something done, just ask.
If you need something done, don’t stress or complain about it to yourself – JUST ASK! Don’t be too stubborn or say, “I’ll just do it myself.” The best and EASIEST thing you can do is simply talk to them. ⁣
Together we’re an olympic team.
Their wins are your wins and your losses are their losses. This is the most special part of marriage! I’ve never known anything like it. It’s the most important team you’ll ever be a part of and it’s the most rewarding. Plus, it’s so much fun being team Carter. 

Wow, one year! We of course had our fair share of valleys, got a taste of what “in sickness and in health” really means, and argued until we laughed about the most irrelevant things. But we are so incredibly blessed! I can’t say that enough. We traveled to Hawaii, Aruba, and many small towns across Texas (thanks, photography). We cooked so many meals for two and spent a lot of time dreaming on Zillow. I don’t say this to brag. I am humbled every day that I get to be a wife to an incredible husband that points me and everyone around him towards heaven. Thank you, Jesus! I pray year 50 is just as sweet.

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