Let me just say that our wedding was truly incredible! I want you to feel the same about your wedding, so I am sharing the biggest hit and miss of our wedding.

We absolutely loved our first look! We had a fall wedding (it gets dark very early) and wanted lots of photos, so a first look was the best option for us. Want to know the best part? We got to spend almost the entire day together rather than just after the ceremony when things get crazy. Isn’t being together what the day is about anyways? We also had SO many bride and groom portraits. We had a lot of time to talk and soak in the day together – just the two of us. I still cried while walking down the aisle. So no, it doesn’t take away any emotions! 

Everyone has different opinions on first looks, but personally, I am SO glad we had that time together with just the two of us. The incredible photos were such a great bonus. 

Check for any potential burn bans. YEP. Not just the weather! I was so focused on the weather that burn bans didn’t even cross my mind. Why does that matter? I had envisioned the most magical sparkler exit that I always capture of couples. I wanted it to be my turn, and I was so ready! Little did I know that a burn ban was in effect and my little dream of running through sparklers in my white jumpsuit wasn’t going to happen.

Our photography team made some last minute adjustments to make sure we still had a fun exit! Although we did get hit in the face with a lot of pampas grass, I LOVE these photos so much and love the story behind them. 

So, before you spend lots of $$$ on the biggest sparklers you can find, call your venue to see if there are any burn bans or restrictions on your desired exit!

Overall, we had the wedding of our absolute DREAMS. I wouldn’t change a single thing (other than checking for burn bans hehe).
Photography: The incredible @taylorsalerno

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